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Tea And Health

Tea the exotic drink, is not just refreshing and stimulating but also extremely healthy.

Today, Tea has come a long way from being a mere refreshing beverage to a superb health drink. There is an ever growing awareness regarding the health benefits of drinking tea. Research has shown that it is a rich source of Flavonoids (Anti Oxidants) which prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Cataract and even Alzheimers Disease.Tanins contained in tea impart the flavour to the tea and help prevent inflammation and nervous disorders. Fluoride contained in tea is good for healthy teeth and gums. TheCaffeine present in tea acts as a stimulant. Tea also contains Vitamin B and C as well as some important minerals such as MagnesiumPotassium, and Manganese.

Drinking 5 to 6 cups of black tea a day helps control your cholestrol level, decreasing the chances of a heart attack. It gives you relief from fatigue, headache, depression and relaxes your body muscles. Tea tempers the spirit, harmonises the mind, awakens your thoughts, prevents drowsiness and refreshes your mind and body.

Tea can reduce skin damage and acts as a stress reliever. Many world famous perfume brands use tea infused fragrances.

Tea has a stimulating effect on a man's intellectual capacities due to its Caffeine content.

Polyphenols (tannins) are responsible for the flavour and colour of the brewed beverage. Tea stimulates but does not excite.

Tea also contains minerals such as Potassium, Fluorine, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Nickel. The amino acid Theanin contained in tea slows down the effects of Caffeine on the body. Tea is also rich in vitamins. Vitamin B Complex is good for the nerves, fights stress and is also essential for growth. Vitamins E 2, P and K fortify the capillary walls and make the skin more elastic.

Tea has practically no calories and is suitable for dieting if taken without milk or sugar or any other additive.

Another tea that has been gaining popularity lately, for its health benefits, is Green Tea.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is an un -fermented tea and is among the richest source of Antioxidants which help in preventing Cancer, decreasing the risk of heart strokes and lowering the cholestrol levels in blood, thus slowing down potentially harmful blood clotting. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in joint pains, and also acts as a preventive for various other ailments that are detailed below. It has been said that tea helps in digestion, dissolves fats and neutralizes poison in the digestive system and cures dysentery. Its astringency is used for cleaning sores and is also recommended as an eyewash as well as a mouthwash. Brewed tea leaves placed over the eyes are good for refreshing puffy or tired eyes.


A report in an issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has disclosed that the more one consumes Green Tea, the lower the odds of having cognitive impairment. These facts have come to light after a survey of more than 1000 Japanese adults in their '70s and above. As the Japanese mostly drink Green Tea, it is inferred that this explains Japan 's lower rate of Dementia, particularly Alzheimer's Disease, compared with Europe and N. America . Similar opinions have also been given by Researchers from the University of South Florida as mentioned in the Journal of Neuroscience.


Scientific studies have also revealed that Tea is abundant in bioactive plant chemicals having tremendous health protecting potential. Tea, both Black and Green, can shield us from various Cancers.

Tea is rich in chemicals called Tannins. Two of these Tannins, namely Epicatechin and Epi-Gallo Catechin (EGCG) are among the strongest Antioxidants active against the many forms of Cancer. If applied on the skin, they protect it from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and can even reverse pre-cancerous skin changes. Quercetin, another chemical found in tea, has also been shown to have anti-cancer activity. It particularly inhibits the growth of Leukemia cells, thus preventing Blood Cancer. Other chemicals called Polyphenols, present abundantly in tea, particularly help in preventing Stomach and Pancreatic Cancers as well as Prostrate and Breast Cancers.


Another Tannin called Theaflavin, found in tea, can lower blood pressure by blocking the formation of the blood pressure raising chemical called Angiotensin II. Also, ECGC and other Flavonoids present in tea act as powerful Antioxidants that discourage Oxidation of LDL (Bad Cholestrol) thereby slowing the onset of Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease. These chemicals also prevent blood platelet clumping and encourage clot breakdown, thus protecting our artories from getting clogged and reducing the risk of heart attacks and brain strokes. In this respect Green Tea is more potent than Black Tea.

Anti Bacterial / Anti Viral

The Tannins contained in tea also have Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral action. These Tannins along with the Fluoride present in tea can block bacterial fermentation of sugars in the mouth, thereby helping in preventing tooth decay and cavity formation. Drinking tea can help control Influenza Virus, Inhibit the Herpes Simplex Virus and can be helpful in Chronic Viral Hepatitis.


The flavonoids in tea help relieve the oxidative stress in the eye lens, thereby lowering the risk of contracting Cataract.


Damaged DNA is the first step to Cancer and is also associated with Heart Dieses. DNA cells get damaged by free radicals ---- charged particles produced by sunlight, chemicals, many foods and simply the stress of day to day living.


Some studies have also found that ECGC could block the spread of the HIV Virus that causes Aids.

In the cup, Orthodox Teas are generally bright and brisk. The whole leaf grades are lighter than the brokens. In fact, the smaller the leaf particle, the more colour and body it infuses

Precautions for Green Tea Drinkers

  • Tea contains Caffeine that can aggravate the symptoms in those suffering from anxiety, loss of sleep or pre-menstrual tensions. 

  • Tea is high in Oxalic Acid which could promote the formation of Kidney stones.

  • Tannic Acid in Tea tends to interfere with absorption of Iron that is present in our food. This may lead to Iron Deficiency Anemia, especially in women.

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